Coastal Cruisers Chapter of Brothers of the Third Wheel Tacoma,Washington
Coastal Cruisers Chapter of Brothers of the Third Wheel                                  Tacoma,Washington

           In Memory of Those who have gone before us

The following were members of The Coastal Cruisers Chapter that we want to remember for their contribution of service and/or just being part of the triker family.

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Bush, Mike                               Born? - May 4th, 2019

Stewart, Janell                        May 8th, 1975 - January 3rd 2019


Gonzales, Candy                       August 10th 1945 - May 21th 2018


Feguson, Wally                         June 8th 1933 - March 13th 2018


Churchward, Jim (Churchy)   Oct 5th 1944 - June 28th 2017

Woodley, Robin                 Sep 7th 1960 - May 29th 2017

Parsons, Dale Lucans        Aug 6th 1935 - Feb 26th 2017

Schmidt, Sherry Lynn        Jun 4th 1970 - Jun 8th 2016

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